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The Details about Open Multiple URLs at Once      

Open Multiple Programs, Documents, URLs, Folders, Songs, and Videos at the same time With File Instant Opener
Opening the same applications repeatedly, one at a time, can feel cumbersome sometimes, particularly if you are focusing on a project that requires a specific group of applications to run. Instant File Opener was created to make it simpler by giving the capability to open multiple applications, documents, videos or any other kind of files, Url’s, and folders, at the same time.
What it really does is that it lets you make a list of things you need to open simultaneously and reserve it. You will be able to load the list striking the play button without notice to operate the things at once. Moreover, the list may also be configured to operate or just to display its content automatically at Windows startup. If you choose the latter option, their email list will be displayed where one can select the item, which you want to run, that is nice because you may not have to launch these on certain occasions.
Just make sure to remember which list you have the auto-start option enabled. If you have several list using the option activated, then many of these lists will be executed at Windows startup.

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Adding items in to the list itself can be described as more than just easy as it can provides other ways to do so. You are able to click on the Plus button in the toolbar to include any item aside from URL, right-click with an empty space within the table, drag and drop, or through the List menu. Note that even though it is possible to add an application simply by clicking the Plus button, if you want to run it with specific argument and administrator right, you will want to include it through the Plus button’s drop-down or even the List menu instead.
When a list is being executed and then it turns out that some items have invalid path, you will be prompted to delete each. As the items could be edited to change its location path-and its window state (minimized, maximized, normal)-you might want to click No after which manually repair it.
There is also a cleaner tool-represented by the broom icon-to detect and take away all invalid items simultaneously. Due to how it operates, however, it is also used to merely discover which items, which have broken path. After the program shows their email list from the nonexistent ones, you are able to cancel the deletion after which fix them manually.
Instant File Opener is extremely easy to use and it only takes less than 2 MB of space. Lightweight, straightforward and intuitive user interfaces, and does what it really states do. For me personally, it is a must-have tool-until I find a much better one. The only things that disappoint me are that it has no portable version with any magic formula to change the auto-start status between the lists in the interface. Apart from those, it is an excellent application.


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